Matt Fulmer and Family in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Matt Fulmer has lived the last 20 years in Spartanburg, SC, raising his family as an entrepreneur. His three children are now young adults and very involved in the community as is their mom.

Two qualities define the essence of Matt: family man and business man. Along with deep-rooted spiritual values, Matt pursues every day with a strong push to make a better life for his family and run a thriving business. From humble roots, he takes nothing for granted. He runs one of the top award-winning insurance agencies in the United States.


Matt Fulmer's Bio

While playing sports in high school, Matt Fulmer realized he could buy edible items at the local A&P store and resell them for a profit by making it convenient for the other students. Amazingly, he could charge up to three times more than he paid for the products. Even though the other kids could have done the same thing Matt was doing, no was else took the initiative. This got him hooked on business as a young entrepreneur.

Years after graduation, Matt was working for a radio station where the leadership was really having personal problems. Matt saw an opportunity to make an offer on buying the station. Though he had little money, he got every credit card he could get and did cash withdrawals to get enough money for the down payment. The owner financed the the rest. It was a long shot, but he became the owner of a radio station in his 20s.

Over the next few years, Matt worked hard in developing the airtime schedule to increase listeners and captured more and more advertising by putting together a powerful sales team. He watched every penny to make sure the station stayed in their budget. Having been told in school that he was a slow learner, that drove him to be super organized and disciplined. So much so, that he ended up buying 5 radio stations over the years.

After he sold WSPG 1400 AM in Spartanburg in 2003.



His next move was to become an insurance agent, and, of course, Matt set his sites on owning the business. His first location was just outside of Greenville, SC on US Hwy. 14. Later, he sold it for a profit and relocated in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where he resides with his wife and three children. The move saved a considerable amount of time commuting.

Mr. Fulmer has ranked at the top of agencies in the United States and has won awards. Visiting his office is a peaceful experience with a friendly knowledgeable staff. With over 1600 customers, its hard to imagine so much productivity comes from such tranquil environment.

With his kids interest in sports, Matt invested in a sports complex in Spartanburg called the Upward Star Center ( It features batting cages, professional athletic coaches and training for numerous popular sports. Its a busy place with many special events, rentals and entertainment as well.

Matt Fulmer and his wife have a solid faith in God, and have brought up their kids nurturing them with the same principles.